The Properties Associated With Zircon Bricks

The Zircon Bricks are described as a type of refractory fire bricks for sale that is manufactured using a stable zircon-sand that features a zircon content of more than 64%. Https:// belongs to the acid refractory materials that is associated with a number of properties relating to erosion resistance, high mechanical-strength, high density, high-refractoriness when placed under a load, improved thermal-shock resistance and more.

The Zircon Bricks are used widely in glass furnaces, pure-steel furnaces, Ladle, and the metal non-ferrous smelting furnaces.

High Dense Refractory Zircon Bricks

High Dense Refractory Zircon Bricks

The Properties of the Zircon Bricks include the following:

  • Great corrosion resistance
  • High density
  • A high refractoriness when under a load
  • High mechanical-strength
  • Outstanding thermal-shock resistance
  • Good creep resistance

The applications of the Zircon Bricks include the following:

  • Glass melting furnaces.
  • For areas that include burner, crown, thermal couple, secondary layer of the back lining and melter bottom and peep hole.
  • Ladle lining used in the metallurgical industries.
  • In areas of glass tanks, that includes paving secondary layer and part of a back lining, paving bottom, the bottom and wall of a fore hearth, the spinning portion and flowing spout along with melter.
  • The upper areas of a flame space of the regular thermal shock positions.
  • Lining of low-alkali or alkali-free glass, boron-silicate glass, sodium-calcium glass, lead glass, ceramic glass along with other technical types of glass-melting furnaces.
Zircon Bricks

Zircon Bricks

The Zircon Bricks are recognized as high-technology materials that are used within the industrial applications due to its superior thermal, chemical, electrical, optical and mechanical properties. These bricks are used mainly in in the higher erosive zones in a glass furnace, metallurgy industry and chemical industry.

The Zircon Brick is an acid refractory that comes with advantages linked with great corrosion resistance when exposed to glass liquids. These bricks are resistant when it comes to most of the oxides and will not become wetted by most of the metals. For this reason, it is recognized as an outstanding crucible-refractory material within the metallurgy industry.

In the glass industries, the Zircon Brick is used widely in the glass contact portions of low-alkali or alkali free glass melting furnaces inside the upper areas of the flame spaces along with the thermal shock regions of the sodium-calcium glass, low-alkali or alkali-free glass, lead glass, boron-silicate along with other types of technical glass-melting furnaces.

The Zircon Bricks are also a suitable material used for paving along with the secondary layers of the paving bottom, channel blocks, back lining, the sidewall of the meter in a glass-fiber furnace along with the floating-glass tanks. In addition, these bricks also serve a purpose as a skew brick or neutral bricks in the soda-lime glass kilns.

They are also used in the transition region that occurs between fusion zirconia-corundum bricks and roof-silica bricks or the fusion zirconia-mullite bricks, the transition regions between magnesia bricks and silica bricks, thermal couple, burner, crown, the secondary layer of a back-lining and melting bottom. Additionally, these bricks are applied as the ladle lining within the metallurgical industries. There are more refractory bricks for sale online